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About Me

Hi I'm Clint Steed. I've been developing web sites since 1996. From 1996 through 2001 I developed web sites for organizations of the US Navy and completed about 20 non-military sites. Developing web sites was a collateral passion for me, something I enjoyed and gave me a means to leverage my other skills and job responsibilities.

Since 2001 I've developed or been a part of teams developing more than 100 web sites. I was a FrontPage user and advocate since FrontPage 97 until 2004, and then quickly learned CSS and XHTML standards along with Dreamweaver.

Since 2001 and currently I consult and contract my skills and services. My specialty is Information Architecture, in the broadest sense.

Web sites and applications are only a small part of my Information Architecture skills as I relate my knowledge and skills to almost any information management process. That ranges from database design and construction to business processes to development of flyers or brochures. A Marketing Communications Specialist is the next closest position description that describes what I do, for both internal and external customers of any organization I work with.

I hope you have found this this web site helpful.