Expression Web

Review and First Look

Tool Bars in Expression Web

As mentioned elsewhere in this review there are eleven (11) tool bars. It would take a while to go through every one, so just a take at the image below of all the tool bars. It should answer most of your questions.

Resize Tool Bars

dots on each tool barThe help file states you can resize the tool bars, but I could not get it to work when they were docked. Ah, I just figured it out. First there has to be more than one tool bar on the same line. (That is mentioned in the help file.) Then you move your cursor after the tool bar you want to resize and almost onto the next tool bar, just about between the down arrow and the dots on the next tool bar. When you get a four-headed arrow click and drag the tool bar to the left, not all tool bars are resizable!

But as you can see from the image below, when they are not docked they can be resized.

Style Application Toolbar

I couldn't figure out what the Style Application Toolbar was for so I looked in the help file - "The Style Application toolbar is a critical tool when you use Microsoft® Expression® Web in Manual style application mode to author your cascading style sheets (CSS)."

I've been missing a critical tool all of this time and didn't know it! So I immediately opened a style sheet to author some changes. Guess what? Everything on the toolbar was grayed out. But you can find out more on the Quirks page in the Automatic or Manual Mode paragraph.

Styles Tool Bar

While you can assign or change a class or ID, you can not remove the assigned call or ID  from the selected item or select none from the styles tool bar.

All tool bars in Expression Web