Expression Web

Review and First Look

Expression Web Reports

The reports were one of the major strengths of FrontPage and a good thing that Microsoft maintained them in Expression Web. This is one of area that excels past every other web development tool that I've used, including Dreamweaver.

  • # of All Files
  • # of Pictures
  • Unlinked Files
  • Linked Files
  • Slow Pages
  • Older Files
  • Recently Added Files
  • Hyperlinks
  • Unverified Hyperlinks
  • Broken hyperlinks
  • External Hyperlinks
  • Internal hyper Links
  • Style Sheet Links
  • Dynamic Web Templates
  • Master Pages
  • while adding a couple of other reports and quality checks. Things like accessibility, compatibility, and style sheets.

From  these reports you can mange your entire site and the capabilities exist to attach style sheets and DWTs to many pages at once! To access this summary of reports just click the tab Web Site tab at the top of the editing view, and then click on reports at the bottom of the editing view. This will provide a hyperlink summary of the reports.

web site reports screen shot 

I've clicked the Style Sheet Links and up comes a detailed report.

Style Sheet Reports and Apply Styles Dialog screenshot

Then select the pages you want to apply a style sheet to, right click and select Mange Style Sheet Links... The dialog box shown above pops up. Click Add and another dialog box opens that allows to you select the applicable style sheet, click OK and you've just applied the selected style sheet to all of the selected pages. Cool!

Each of the reports provides great tools to mange your web sites with and are invaluable assets.

Let's take a quick look at all the toolbars of Expression Web.