Expression Web

Review and First Look

More Comments

These are comments that I wanted to note after I did the original review. As I work through the program I'll add more comments on this page. Newest comments will be at the top of the page. I've recently added some examples as well.

  • Is Microsoft's Expression Web for You? A two page guide to see if Expression Web is for you or should you use an alternative?
  • Basic CSS styles layout for you to review. It is not a step-by-step style but fairly self explanatory and the styles are embedded so they are to easy reference. Copy the pages, compare them and play. There are also links to sites with more information and examples of simple CSS styled navigation.
  • Horizontal centered navigation that was developed into a bar. It could easily be changed from a bar to navigation buttons.
  • I'd like to see a change in how new style names are assigned. In EW when you open the New Style dialog you automatically get a style selector of .newStyle1.

    It should work as, for instance, you had your cursor on the h1 tag following a #content tag, the new style name would automatically be #content h1
  • Includes - there is a work around using code snippets or you can download Web Unlimited's installer.
  • Want back that case changer capability, go here.
  • Want easy access to change the page title, check this out.

Open a new page, type in the first two or three words and save the page.

EW gives you a default web page filename based on the words you typed into the web page, and also makes those same words the html page title!

EW also removes any spaces in the file name and replaces them with an underscore and the file name is all lower case! (Gotta wonder why MS bothered with this when their servers are not case sensitive, but great a great idea!)

  • I also noticed a new item when saving pages.
    When you save the file, look just above the Save button and you’ll see a “Change title. . .” button, just click it and change the title.
  • Design View - setting the page size from the status bar, lower right hand corner of the EW window, determines how much of the web page you will see.

Design view at 795 pixels

Design view at 795 pixels

Design view at 955 pixels

Design view at 955 pixels