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Overall CorelDraw and PhotoPaint still beat out Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign for general and a wide variety uses. Especially in the areas of sign making, producing files for cutting machines, engraving, multi-page documents short of a fifty pages, for small businesses and non-profits.

CorelDraw still surpasses Illustrator with a shorter learning curve, importing and exporting of files, and just as capable as Illustrator. But it really shines with an ease of ability to produce most any kind of graphic or business document. Merge capabilities and imposition of documents just makes CorelDraw that much more worthy.

The integration of CorelDraw and PhotoPaint still reigns supreme.

PhotoPaint, gaining several improvements this round, remains a good program and is a terrific complement to CorelDraw. On its own it is quite capable but lacks the outstanding tools or capabilities that make Adobe’s Photo Shop a more productive tool for full time professionals.

But as for mass photographic work, Adobe Lightroom, PhotoShop & Bridge prevails – especially since the integration of Dreamweaver and Flash that are now products of Adobe.

Is CorelDraw X5 Worth the Expense?

Without a doubt! Especially if you are just getting started, a small business or non-profit that needs graphic design capabilities, a screen printer, an engraver, a sign maker, or you make booklets, lots of graphics based in vector art, for page layouts, or just as a hobby. Or if money is a consideration. Comparable products to take the place of CorelDraw X5 Graphics Suite would easily cost you three times as much.

Is CorelDraw X5 Worth the Upgrade Price?

The older the version you are currently using makes it more feasible. I’d definitely suggest an upgrade if you are using CorelDraw X3 or older. For those of us using CorelDraw X4, I’m not so sure. However if you work in color managed work flows - then upgrade yesterday!


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- First Look X5

(March 20, 2010)

First read my overview of X5 just to the left. I've used CorelDraw since 1990 and have seen a lot of products added and removed from the suite.

This time around Corel includes PhotoZoom Pro 2 and SWish miniMax, a Flash substitute. I could get excited about them but two years from now, will they remain with the suite? I'm sure they will be great for those needing the extra capabilities - the included programs are basically free, saving several hundred dollars over buying standalone versions or competitors products.

But my real point about being a long time Corel user is that when CorelDraw 8 came out there had started to be a large following that promoted only buying every other version released. Actually not a bad philosophy in general for most software. However, if you or employees can save just one-half hour per week using a new version of software, then the upgrade price is probably very well worth it.

If you read my CorelDraw X4 First Look Overview and then this one, it would appear that I am one of those advocating the buy every other version. But that all depends of how much you use the CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

I'm also basing this fist look without having seen the final shipping package or materials - but they sound as if they will compare with the materials in X3 and X4 making it a world class product. Few companies offer today what Corel has given out with its software the last few versions and this time around Corel even has an outstanding Reviewers Guide.

If you have never used CorelDraw or associated programs, what I've posted below may not make sense to you. That's where the Reviewers Guide comes in and Corels web site. Make sure to read the graphic novel (cartoon) as well, go to page 11 past the ummmm, graphic novel part.

Quite simply I highly recommend the program. If my comments below do to not seem to correspond to my recommendation, then consider my points as trivial when compared to the overall use of the program.

Now for the Good, the So So and the Bad.

The Good

The So So -

The BAD -

If you haven't used the program before or did not upgrade to X4 then you may want to read my CorelDraw X4 First Look as it is still appliacble in X5.

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